The Pros And Cons Of Fixed Picture Windows

17 November 2022
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Picture windows have gone in and out of fashion over the years. However, even at times when they have not been the most popular home design element around, there have been people who still choose to install them. This is likely because picture windows have some very real benefits that extend beyond basic appearances. They do, however, also have some downfalls worth knowing about before you install one. If you're thinking of getting a picture window, here are some pros and cons to consider before you do so.

Pro: Picture windows tend to be energy-efficient

People sometimes look at the size of a picture window and assume the large size means it will be a huge source of heat loss. But that's not really the case. Because picture windows are fixed windows and do not open, they tend to be far less leaky than other windows. Plus, today's window makers use features like argon gas between the panes to improve insulation and make the windows quite efficient.

Con: Picture windows are expensive to install

If you don't already have a large window opening, your window installer will have to extend one of your current window openings to better fit the picture window. This is a lot of work. Installing a heavy picture window also requires a team of at least two people, which adds to the cost.

Pro: Picture windows allow for simpler decor

Picture windows basically bring the outdoors in. They make whatever the view of your outdoor area as part of your indoor experience. So, when you have a picture window with a good view, you can get away with adding less decor to the space. You won't need a lot of big pictures on that wall; you have a window.

Con: Picture windows can allow for break-ins

Picture windows are typically large enough for a person to fit through. So, if someone chooses to break the window, they can easily gain access to the inside of your home. You can counteract this by choosing a picture window made with shatter-proof or hurricane-proof glass, but this does add significantly to the cost of the window.

Consider the pros and cons above as you decide whether a picture window is a good fit for your space. A window installer can offer you more insight and let you know what has worked for previous clients with homes similar to yours. For more information, reach out to a window installation service, such as Fischer Window and Door Store.