Live Somewhere With Frequent Storms? 3 Tips For Picking Out New Windows

13 June 2018
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When you live somewhere that gets frequent storms, there's always the concern of your windows being broken due to flying branches in heavy winds and other debris that can go airborne. If you're looking into replacing your windows with windows that are more suitable for heavy storms, there are a number of things that you can keep an eye out for to ensure that the windows are at a lower risk of shattering. Read More 

Why You Should Have Impact Windows Installed In Your Home

4 May 2018
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If you enjoy the look and feel of natural light in your home, you need to have as many windows as possible. However, unless you use the proper type of glass in the windows, it could be detrimental to your safety, your bank account, and your home. One way to avoid all these issues is to have impact windows installed by a company like The Screen Shop. Here are just a few reasons to let the light shine in with impact windows. Read More 

Tips For Choosing Replacement Windows For Your Home

27 September 2016
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Drafty windows can often be fixed by adding caulking or weatherstripping, but there may come a time when your windows are worn enough that the only option is to replace them. Here are some factors you should consider when choosing replacement windows for your home. Glass Type If you have never replaced your windows before, you may not be aware that there are several different types of window glass available. There is no one type of glass that is universally better than the others; instead, there are several specialized glass types that are designed to fulfill specific needs. Read More 

4 Window Covering Options For Households With Pets

27 July 2016
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One of the hardest things about having pets in your home seems to be keeping your blinds or other window coverings in one piece. In many cases, inquisitive cats and dogs will tear down or destroy window coverings simply because they are curious to see outside or hear a noise outside of your home. Listed below are four types of window coverings that are ideal for use in homes with pets. Read More 

Prioritize Window Replacement If You Want Your Home Energy-Efficient Before Winter

13 July 2016
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Summer can be a great opportunity for opening up the windows and bringing in a relaxing breeze, but when it comes to an end, you'll need to start focusing on getting your windows up to the task of keeping your home comfortable for winter. Since you could end up paying a great deal of money for heating costs if your windows are poorly insulated, it's a good idea to look into replacing faulty or outdated windows before winter truly arrives in a colder climate. Read More