4 Types Of Window Shades You Can Use On Your Windows

21 July 2022
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If you own a home, you should be using shades on your windows. When it comes to shades, there are different types to choose from. Below is information on four types to help you decide what would work best on your windows. 


One type of window shade you can choose is shutters. Shutters are popular as they can be used on almost any type of window, and they look great no matter if you are looking inside or outside your home. Shutters can be expensive, but once installed, you will see they are worth the cost. You can have shutters custom-made if you have oddly sized windows.

Roller Shades

Another type you can choose is roller shades. This type of shade is popular as they do not cost as much and are easy to use. You can roll these shades up manually using a cord or pully. You can also pay a little more and purchase roller shades that open and close by pressing a button on a remote. There are also smart roller shades that allow you to use your voice to open and close the shades. You can find roller shades in a variety of colors and styles.  

Roman Shades

Roman shades are also available and are another popular choice. Roman shades are available in different fabrics so you can match the colors and décor of your home. You can also find Roman shades in a variety of patterns. You will find many homes have roman shades because of this. You can choose a lighter fabric if you want more sun in your home. There are also blackout Roman shades that will completely darken a room during the day. These shades are generally easy to install so you can do this on your own.

Cellular Window Shades

There are also cellular window shades. These shades are insulated which offers many benefits. They are made with a honeycomb fabric that is thick and durable. You can find these shades in a sheer fabric or choose a thicker fabric for complete privacy in the room. You can choose cellular shades that go from the bottom up or from the top down. 

Talk with a store that sells window shades to learn much more about these window dressings, as well as other types available for you. You can also find window shades online if you want more variety to choose from.