Buying Replacement Windows For Your Home? Follow These Tips

20 January 2022
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Are you interested in purchasing new windows for your home, but you are feeling a bit confused about what to do? It may help to know these two tips to make the window purchasing process easier for you. 

Get A Detailed Estimate

It's important to always get a detailed estimate from any window contractor to know exactly what you are paying for. It's not about simply knowing the final price, but what makes up that price. For example, you'll want to know the brand and model number of the windows being installed, what kind of gas will be between the window panes, and even what caulking material will be used to seal the windows.

On the day of the installation, you can refer back to that estimate to verify the work that is being done. If something is not being done according to what you agreed to, you can have the issue addressed that same day. If it's not in writing, then there is no way to verify that the work is being done correctly.

Know How To Read The Window Sticker

It can be difficult to pick between the different windows. Thankfully, nearly all windows will have an NFRC sticker that helps you compare the energy ratings to get an idea about how one is different from the other. It helps to know how to read the sticker so that you can actually figure out what all those statistics mean.

The information on the stickers is published by an independent third party and not the window manufacturer. Only the findings from that third party are allowed to go on the sticker so that they cannot be altered by the manufacturer. The sticker includes information about u-factor, solar heat gain, visible transmission, and air leakage. 

The u-factor tells how well the window will keep the heat from escaping during the winter. The solar heat gain tells you the opposite information, which is how well the window keeps the cool air in and the heat out during the summer. Which statistics are important will depend on the climate where you live. For instance, the u-factor may not be important if you live in the south.

Visible transmission ratings will let you know how much light comes through the window, which can be impacted by having a high tint to reduce the solar heat gain. Air leakage defines the insulation of the window as a whole, which includes how the window locks and what kind of weatherstripping it has.

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