Advantages Of New Siding For A Mobile Home Used As Vacation Property

9 March 2021
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Some families decide to buy an older mobile home on rural land to use for a weekend and vacation property. Eventually, the place might even become their retirement home. Many of these homes have an addition that provides extra space, making it feel more like a house. The structures often can be spruced up to look very attractive if they have received little attention over the years. Additional advantages are achieved as well.

Hiring a contractor to cover or replace the old siding is one possibility. A contractor who also replaces windows can complete another project that improves energy efficiency, interior comfort, and aesthetics.

New Siding Advantages

The original metal on these structures tends to look cheap, and there may be some rust. Adding new siding significantly boosts the value. It also should reduce utility bills for heat and electricity.

Old mobile home siding can be drafty, so covering it with vinyl increases energy efficiency. Heating and cooling systems do not work as hard to maintain the set temperature. Eliminating drafts from old siding and window frames also makes the rooms more comfortable in both winter and summer.

Skirting Replacement

A combination of painted polystyrene foam over fiberglass insulation often was used for skirting, although some have wood around the bottom. All these materials can deteriorate over time and develop areas of rot at the bottom. Sometimes skirting comes loose from the building in certain places.

These are all risk factors for rodents to find their way in. Determined rodents even may chew through foam to get inside, which results in the household having a problem with mice and sometimes even chipmunks. Replacing skirting with vinyl siding solves this problem.

The Addition

If the addition has wood siding, the new owners may want to have it covered with vinyl while cladding the rest of the home. This gives the entire structure a consistent look and creates a stronger illusion of a frame-built house constructed entirely on the land. If the addition does not need new siding, the owners will probably want to choose a color for the mobile home that matches the frame-built part of the building.

Improved Satisfaction

The property owners look forward to a classy update with vinyl siding and some new windows. They'll be more satisfied with the appearance of their vacation home, as it looks almost like new. They'll also appreciate the energy savings and the increased comfort from eliminating drafts.