How To Prepare For A Siding Company

18 August 2020
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Adding siding to your home can completely transform the aesthetic value of your property and greatly increase the resale value of your home. Siding is becoming more and more popular as a way to update the exterior of your home, and depending on the size of your home it can become a very large project to undergo. When you find the right siding company for the job, there are a few things they might ask you to do to prepare for their arrival that will help speed the entire process along. Here are a few things your siding contractor wants you to do to help them out. 

Clean Up

If you have any bushes or shrubs in front of your home, make sure they are trimmed down to where they will not get in the way of your siding company's work. The fewer obstacles they have to work through, the better the job will look and the quicker it will get done. If you have small children with toys all over the yard, make sure they are put away and not an interference for them. Another thing you can do to help them during your cleaning up is to cut the grass as short as possible. When siding contractors are working, they have a lot of materials that can easily get lost in the grass, such as nails, and when the grass is shorter they are able to find these small items easier.

Remove Necessary Items

Part of your clean up might include moving plants that are in pots away from the house, but it also requires a little bit of work inside the home too. If you have picture frames on the exterior walls of the house, you might consider temporarily removing them as the work done on the outside of the home might make the walls shake and the frames fall. Valuable items on shelves might be safer if you move them during the construction process as well.

Move Your Vehicles

If you park your cars on the driveway, you will need to move them so you are able to leave during the day but also so the siding company can place a dumpster on the driveway for trash while working. Even if you do not plan to leave your house while the siding contractor is there, be sure to move your car just in case of an emergency as it might be very difficult for them to move in the middle of the siding job.

For more information, contact a local siding company.