Various Ways You Can Customize Home Windows

27 March 2020
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If you're in the market for new home windows, you have probably been advised to opt for custom windows, rather than pre-made ones. The main advantage of custom windows is that they can be carefully sized to fit your window openings exactly. However, there are also other elements you can customize when you order custom home windows

The Color

If you head over to your local home improvement store and take a look at the windows, you will notice that most of them are white. Perhaps a few are black or brown. Many people like these colors, but they are limiting. When you order custom windows, you will have far more colors to choose from. Opt for rust red, navy blue, dark gray, or almost any other shade you can imagine. You can use your window color as an accent in your space, adding to your decor.

The Latch Style

So many people struggle to open and close their windows because they find their latches hard to operate. Some of this comes down to lubrication, but certain styles of latches are also harder for people with arthritis or poor grip strength in their hands to open. You can try a few different types of latches and choose the ones you find easiest to operate for your custom windows. This will save you so many headaches (and finger aches) over the years, and your home will be safer if you're able to actually keep your windows properly latched.

The Grilles

Grilles are those pieces of material that are placed across the front of your window glass, usually in a grid pattern. Changing the grille pattern can dramatically change the look of a window, and of your entire home. When you order custom windows, you can choose from a whole array of grille patterns. You don't even have to have them on every window. You could, for instance, only place grilles on your top windows, and not the bottom ones. 

The Sash Width

Do you like the look of thin sashes or thicker ones? Thinner ones tend to look more modern, and thicker ones tend to look more traditional. When you buy custom windows you can essentially choose your sash width, which makes it easier to coordinate the windows with the overall look of your home.

To learn more about these and other customization options, reach out to a window replacement company near you.