Live Somewhere With Frequent Storms? 3 Tips For Picking Out New Windows

13 June 2018
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When you live somewhere that gets frequent storms, there's always the concern of your windows being broken due to flying branches in heavy winds and other debris that can go airborne. If you're looking into replacing your windows with windows that are more suitable for heavy storms, there are a number of things that you can keep an eye out for to ensure that the windows are at a lower risk of shattering.

1. Look for Triple-Pane Windows

If you're eager to make sure that your windows won't be broken from flying debris during a storm, it's important to look out for triple-pane windows. Having that extra number of panes can add a lot more durability and make it much more difficult for the windows to shatter. If the windows were to shatter, there's the risk of water getting inside your home and causing water damage that can be difficult to treat.

With triple-pane windows installed instead of a single-pane, you can feel much more confident about the windows being strengthened against any storms that come by. 

2. Have All the Windows Replaced at the Same Time

When just a few of your windows are in poor shape, you may be tempted to have just a single window or two replaced to save money. The problem with this is that it makes it likely that you'll need to periodically install new windows somewhere in your home every few years. Having all of the windows replaced at the same time can give you the reassurance that they're all in the same condition and even offer you great discounts on the cost of the windows since you'll be buying multiples.

3. Insist on Storm Shutters Being Installed

Along with having the windows replaced, it's a good idea to look into having storm shutters installed as well. Storm shutters can go a long way towards making sure that you have an extra way to protect your home when a severe storm is expected to arrive. Having the shutters installed at the same time as the windows can ensure that they fit properly and are suitable for the windows you have.

As you look into replacing the windows in your home, you need to keep in kind which qualities are the most important to you. By focusing on resistance against storm damage, you can feel good moving forward with picking out windows and shutters that will both protect your home and prevent you from needing to replace the windows again anytime soon.