Why You Should Have Impact Windows Installed In Your Home

4 May 2018
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If you enjoy the look and feel of natural light in your home, you need to have as many windows as possible. However, unless you use the proper type of glass in the windows, it could be detrimental to your safety, your bank account, and your home. One way to avoid all these issues is to have impact windows installed by a company like The Screen Shop. Here are just a few reasons to let the light shine in with impact windows.


Impact windows are made to withstand high winds and having things crash into them. If you live in an area that is prone to hurricanes or other high-wind weather, you won't have to worry about the windows breaking and possibly injuring someone. While nothing can stop all winds or heavy items from breaking the glass, the coating on these windows will keep the glass from shattering and flying all over. In additions, someone trying to break into your home will not be able to do so through the windows when you use this type of glass. The windows will be a very good security measure.


Having a lot of windows can reduce the energy efficiency in your home. The heat will blast inside in the summer, and yet it will escape from the inside to the outside when you are spending money to heat the house. Impact windows are very energy efficient, so you will see larger heating and cooling bills. In fact, because more light will be streaming in, you won't need to use electricity to see inside during the day. In addition, these windows will withstand being hit by a ball or other object a child is throwing around. You will not need to replace them due to a simple accident or stray ball. Finally, you may find that your homeowner's insurance rates will go down a bit because of impact windows.


Because the glass in impact windows does not shatter and is very difficult to break, you won't have to worry about wind, rain, snow, or dirt getting inside. This will protect everything in the house. In addition, a broken window can cause a shift in the wind pressure inside the house during a storm. In severe wind conditions, this could cause the roof of the house to lift off.

Go ahead and let the sunshine into your home. Just be sure to do so with impact windows. The house will feel open and inviting, while being safe and energy efficient.