4 Window Covering Options For Households With Pets

27 July 2016
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One of the hardest things about having pets in your home seems to be keeping your blinds or other window coverings in one piece. In many cases, inquisitive cats and dogs will tear down or destroy window coverings simply because they are curious to see outside or hear a noise outside of your home. Listed below are four types of window coverings that are ideal for use in homes with pets.

Wood Blinds

One of the easiest ways to protect your window coverings from your pets is to purchase blinds that are more durable than your standard plastic or vinyl blinds. If a pet finds that your blinds are at all flexible, then he or she will often attempt to squeeze through the gap in the blinds and permanently damage them. However, wood blinds can help you avoid this issue as your pet will feel the resistance from the wood and simply give up.

Vertical Blinds

Another window covering to consider if you are having trouble with your pets destroying blinds or curtains is to invest in vertical blinds. With vertical blinds, your pet will be able to simply nudge one of the panels out of the way so that he or she can look outside without causing any damage to the blinds. In most cases, vertical blinds will not be attached to neighboring panels, which is why your pet can move a panel or two without bending, tearing, or otherwise damaging your blinds. 

Encased Blinds

A good option to consider in order to keep your blinds safe is encased blinds. Encased blinds require that you replace your windows with two panes of glass that enclose the blinds between them. This option protects your blinds from your pets by making the blinds themselves completely inaccessible to your pets because the only pieces outside of the glass are the pieces that allow you to open or raise the blinds.

Window Shades

Finally, you should consider window shades if you have pets. The reason for this is that window shades can completely block the view from your window when they are lowered. Since your pet will not be able to see an opening to the outside world through the shades, he or she will not be as likely to try to get around or through the window shades to look outside.  

Contact a company like Snyders Shades & Shutters in order to discuss which options would be most suitable for a home with pets. Wood blinds, vertical blinds, encased blinds, and window shades are all great options that can help limit the amount of damage that your pets can do to your window coverings.