Three Care Tips For Your Sliding Glass Door

16 June 2016
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A sliding glass door can be an excellent way of providing easy access to your home's patio while allowing you to enjoy the view of your yard. However, there can many homeowners that make mistakes when it comes to caring for these doors that can expose them to a higher risk of encountering problems. To help keep your sliding glass door in great condition, you should use the following three tips.

Check The Seals To See If They Need To Be Replaced

To prevent water from seeping in through the edges of the sliding door, there are a series of seals that form a waterproof layer. Unfortunately, these seals can start to break down over time, which can seriously compromise their effectiveness. As a result, it will be necessary for you to replace the seals every few years to ensure they offer effective protection for your home.

When inspecting the seals, you will want to look for signs of cracking or the seal pulling away from the door frame. If you notice these issues, you will likely need to remove the seal and replace it with a new one. Luckily, this is a fairly simple task to do as replacement seals often have adhesive backings that make installing the replacement seal a simple task. You will only need to pull off the backing, and firmly press the new seal into position with the adhesive side facing down.

Repair Any Scratches As Soon As Possible

It is a reality of life that your sliding glass door can suffer cracks and scratches as a result of things striking the glass. Regardless of the cause of this damage, you will want to make sure to repair the scratches as quickly as possible. When scratches and chips are relatively minor, it may be possible to patch them using a filler resin. This resin will prevent the chips and scratches from spreading. However, if you delay having these repairs done, the crack can spread until replacing the glass pane is the most practical repair option.

Keep The Door's Track Clean

Over the course of time, the tracks that guide your sliding glass door can become extremely dirty. When large amounts of dirt accumulate on the track, the door may be more prone to becoming jammed. Luckily, cleaning the door's tracks is a fairly simple task. You can use a toothbrush or hard wire brush to vigorously scrub the track to remove any dirt or debris that has started to accumulate. Ideally, this work should be done every few months to keep the odds of your door encountering problems as low as possible.

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