Need New Siding? Why You Should Have Seamless Steel Installed

7 April 2016
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If you have the opportunity to pick the siding on your home, you may feel overwhelmed with the choices presented to you by your siding contractor. When you want to stand out from your neighbors yet still have siding that is practical, using seamless steel may be the best option. Consider using it because it has the following benefits.

Seamless Steel Will Not Change Colors

Is part of your siding criteria to use a material that doesn't have any seams? That will put seamless steel and vinyl as the top two considerations for siding material. The main difference between the aesthetics of these two materials is that vinyl siding will fade as it is constantly exposed to the sun. The durability of seamless steel will help it maintain exactly the same color over time, so it will always look the same, even after years of wear and tear.

Seamless Steel Creates Less Waste

The installation of seamless steel is a bit different from other materials. Instead using a material that comes manufactured in a standard size, seamless steel will be cut on site during the installation. Not only does it ensure that the siding fits perfectly on your home, but there will not be scrap material that gets thrown away when the job is done.

Even when seamless steel has leftover pieces, the material is highly recyclable. Don't worry about the scraps being thrown into a landfill, because the material has value with scrap yards and recycling centers.

Seamless Steel Is Energy Efficient

Are you concerned about the energy efficiency of your home? Seamless steel has a huge advantage with cutting down on your home's energy costs every single year. You can coat the seamless steel siding with a reflective coating that will prevent the siding from absorbing the hot rays from the sun. With the house being naturally cooler, your air conditioner won't run as much and will use less electricity in the process.

Seamless Steel Can Be Installed At Any Time

Since the material is very durable, you don't have to worry about it cracking in the winter or warping under the hot summer sun. Seamless steel siding can be installed at any time, making it a great choice if you don't have flexibility for when the siding can be installed.

If you are ready to pick a siding material for your home, definitely consider these benefits of using seamless steel. For help with your siding installation, contact a company like Kemp's Windows Inc.