4 Ways To Protect Windows From Hurricanes

13 January 2016
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Windows are often a weak point of a home when a hurricane approaches, which is why they need additional protection. For climates that are hurricane prone, you'll need to do something more to ensure that you do not have broken glass coming into your home. Here are 4 ways to protect your window during a hurricane.


One of the most well-know, simplest, and cheapest solutions for protecting your windows is using plywood. You can purchase the wood at a local home improvement store, cut it to size, and secure it outside of your house with a hammer and nails.

The problem that homeowners have with plywood is that it is cumbersome and not as effective as other methods. You'll find yourself needing to store the large pieces of wood between storms, and if you live close to the coast, the wood may not be strong enough to prevent damage from occurring.

Fabric Tarp

A tarp may not sound like a strong solution for window protection, but it's surprisingly effective while being inexpensive as well. The tarp essentially traps big gusts of wind from hitting your window, much like a sail on a boat would catch the wind. They are easy to install, take down, and store.

The fabric tarps are not the most effective against airborne debris, and offer very little protection from water.

Hurricane Shutters

Consider having hurricane shutters installed on your home as a decorative and effective way to protect your windows. While they are installed outside of the home like decorative shutters, they have the ability to close when needed. The metal shutters can be expensive, but they are very effective against debris. Hurricane shutters offer better protection from the rain than plywood or a fabric tarp, but not against floodwater.

Impact Windows

What makes an impact window different from a regular window is the glass. It is able to resist a higher amount of force, which makes them great for dealing with impact damage. They also have an improved seal around them, which will help keep the water out of your home, even in flood conditions.

Unfortunately, impact windows will be one of the most costly methods to add protection against hurricanes. For older homes, it may even require additional work to have the home accommodate the window frames.

If you do feel like impact windows are the best choice for your house, get in touch with a local window contractor like Bradenton Window & Allied Products. They can give you an estimate for how much it will cost to have impact windows professionally installed.