3 Types Of Windows That Can Make Your Kitchen More Functional

25 November 2015
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A replacement window can do more than step in for a cracked or otherwise broken window. Shopping for replacement windows offers you a chance to completely change the look of a room. And if you are shopping for a kitchen window, the new window can change both the appearance and the functionality of your room.

Here are a few types of windows that can make your kitchen more functional. Consult with your window installation contractor to see which option is right for your home.

Garden Window

Garden windows are a great way to add extra space and light to an otherwise small kitchen. The garden window sticks out from your sill like a slanted square. The two sides open for ventilation while the slanting upper portion provides extra light. The flat bottom pane offers extra storage and stacking room for your important kitchen items.

The garden window is also called a greenhouse window because the area is perfect for growing a small herb garden inside. The window allows you to grow year round despite harsh weather and puts your herbs closer to where you will use them for cooking.

Picture Window

A picture window is actually a series of three or more windows that form an architectural protrusion in your kitchen. The way the side windows slant out to meet the flat middle window creates a nook on the inside of your kitchen. These large windows and the nook provide a great area for a small breakfast area or even a comfortable armchair to sit in while sipping your morning coffee.

Picture windows can be a bit harder to clean since the windows don't actually open. But the fixed windows also mean that you won't have to move whatever you put in the nook any time you want to open the windows.

Hopper Window

Do you have a tiny kitchen that needs an extra window for light and ventilation? Consider a hopper window, which is a small rectangular window with a pane that simply cranks open or shut. A well placed hopper, such as near the stove, can help you keep the room ventilated and keep your energy costs down by lowering the amount of cooking heat kept in your home.

Hopper windows are available in a tilt and turn style that allows the window to tilt either inwards or outwards while winding. This design makes it easier for you to clean the outside of the window by simply tilting that section inside.

Note that hopper windows are quite small, so unless you have a truly tiny kitchen, you wouldn't want the hopper to be your only source of light and ventilation. To find out more, speak with a business like Mister Window Inc.