4 Tips To Reduce The Glare On Your Television

5 August 2015
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Trying to watch your television when there is a huge glare on the screen can be a major pain. Luckily, there are a few things that you can do to help reduce the glare on your television screen. Follow these tips, and you're sure to get a better picture.

1. Install Room-Darkening Window Treatments

One of the most effective ways to reduce the glare on your television screen is to install room-darkening window treatments. For example, you can purchase blackout shades that will help make the room completely dark, or you can opt for thick curtains that will help block out the sun. Another option is to add window tint to your windows. Not only will darkening your windows help prevent glare on your television screen, but it will also help you keep your home cooler during the summer.

2. Adjust the Settings on Your Television

Even older-model televisions often have settings that allow you to adjust the brightness and the contrast. There is no one setting that is best for everyone, so your best bet is to play with these settings. To access them, check out the menus on your television. In many cases, turning the brightness down can help with the glare, and adjusting the contrast can help you get a good picture after darkening your screen.

3. Move Your TV Around

Try putting your TV in a different spot. If at all possible, it's best if your TV is facing away from your windows. This means that you can place your TV on a wall with windows, with the back facing the windows. Another option is to put your TV stand against a corner wall.

4. Purchase a Plastic Cover for Your TV Screen

Try looking for a plastic anti-glare TV cover for your screen. It will attach easily and should not get in the way of you watching TV, but it will help make your screen easier to see. You should be able to purchase one of these screens from any retail shop that sells televisions. Plus, not only can you help reduce the glare on your screen, but you can also ensure that your TV is protected from scratches.

Watching your favorite TV shows and movies isn't easy when you're dealing with glare on your television screen. Luckily, making these four changes can help you reduce the glare on your TV screen to make TV watching a lot more comfortable.

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