Revitalize Your Door: New Trends For Home Doors

13 July 2015
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When you buy a new door, you might be bored with the typical doors that you have been purchasing all of your life. Many homeowners are rethinking their doors and are going with new options that spruce up their lives and make their homes more unique. Also, by following the trends, your home might be easier to sell.

More Glass

Choose doors with windows that allow natural light in. If you are worried about privacy, you can select glass that is made from obscure glass blocks to provide you with privacy.

Brighter Colors

Decide on the type of tone you would like to set by your home. If you would like to dazzle, choose an Andersen door that uses bright colors. Adding splashes of color has also become a trend since it is an affordable way to change how your door looks, making it ideal for leaner economic times. Also, if you want your door to really look unique, paint it a color that can't be found anywhere else by making your own.

Glamour Doors

If you want a sophisticated look, consider getting high gloss black doors. Another glamor option is to take materials that are not commonly found on doors and to try to mimic them. For instance, make a door that is made from leather and contains metal studs. Another option is a door that is covered in wallpaper. Just make sure people can still tell that it is a door!


Newer technologies are allowing for homeowners to achieve natural looks for their doors even when using unnatural technologies. For example, new stains and paints are making it possible for fiberglass to look like more natural materials. It only becomes clear that the material is made out of fiberglass if you touch the door.

Rustic Doors

Given that the rustic look is becoming more popular, some homeowners are adding barn doors that open and close on sliding tracks. Have your door constructed with vintage wood to give it an older look. A similar approach is to use a loft-door to give the home a more industrial look. In the south, traditional painted wood doors are becoming less popular and more homeowners are instead staining their doors to go for a more natural look.

While having a trendy home might impress others, the ultimate person you need to impress is yourself since you will be living in your home. Also, if you come up with your own original idea, you may become a trend-setter.