The Clear Truth: 3 Professional Window Cleaning Myths You Shouldn't Believe

27 May 2015
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If your windows are streaked, spotted, or covered in dust, it's time to get them sparkling clear again. However, you may be afraid to hire experts to do this job if you believe one of the following myths about window cleaning services:

1) Windows should only be cleaned on warm, overcast days.

While it is true that window cleaning agents are more likely to leave residual streaks on hot, sunny days, professional window washers work too quickly and efficiently to make this a problem. Their deft skills will leave your windows streak-free even on the sunniest days.

It may sound odd, but winter is often great time to have your home's windows cleaned. Spiders aren't building webs, wasp and hornet nests are inactive, and flies and moths won't land on your freshly-wiped panes. Local construction is less likely to deposit new dust, and fresh coatings of pollen are not an issue.

Rainy days in the forecast are not a reason to put off having windows cleaned either because properly-cleaned glass will repel raindrops. Even if it's scheduled to storm in the days to come, your windows will stay clear and clean after a thorough cleanup. Dirty windows will attract rain spots, though.

2) Professional window-cleaning chemicals harm windows.

Allowing bacteria, mold, and mildew to grow in the debris on your windows is damaging to sills, caulking, and windows. Window washing is not. The window experts have developed cleaning solutions and methods that are safe for the environment and for your windows. Many companies even offer green window washing services for clients who are sensitive to chemicals.

If you have tinted windows, they will not be damaged as long as the window cleaners use ammonia-free detergents. Double-paned windows will not be harmed by normal cleaning methods either. The only exception is if they have cracked or compromised seals. You'll know this is the case if you see dust or debris between the two glass sections. Repair these cracks before having them cleaned because liquid in the form of rain and snow will enter the interior spaces of these windows even if they are never washed.

3) Window washers only wash exterior surfaces of home windows.

You may be surprised at the many services that today's window cleaning companies offer. Some of these include:

  • Interior and exterior window washing
  • Blind cleaning
  • Screen cleaning and repair
  • Awning washing
  • Light fixture cleaning
  • Cleaning of mirrors of all sizes

Some window experts have equipment to pressure-wash sidewalks, driveways, and patios as well. Ask your window cleaning specialists, like those at Clear View, Inc., about special programs and products to make your view clearer and to reduce the time and effort you have to spend on home maintenance.