4 Things You Should Know About Sliding Windows

4 October 2019
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When it comes to choosing the replacement windows for your home, you have a lot of different options. One of those options is to install sliding windows in your home.  

Sliding Windows Have an Elegant Look 

To start with, sliding windows have a really nice, elegant look to them. The design is really simple, allowing for a really nice view. Most sliding windows have a simple frame around the window, with the window containing two panes, one that is stationary and one that is movable.  

Sliding Windows Provide Great Ventilation 

Second, sliding windows are designed to provide great ventilation. With a sliding glass window, you can open up half of the window, which is a lot of space. This will allow you to enjoy a great deal of ventilation, which can help cool off your home and create a really nice cross breeze in your home.  

Sliding Windows Come with Different Configurations  

Third, not all sliding windows are configured the same way. There are actually a few different types of sliding glass configurations. There is the classic two-side sliding window, where one side is stationary and the other side opens up all the way. Then there are two-sided sliding windows, where you can open either side about halfway, allowing for ventilation on either side.  

Next, there are three-sided windows, where the three panes are the same sizes, and you can open the two outer windows to vent, with the middle window being stationary. Or you can have a big middle stationary window, with two smaller windows on the side that fully open on either side.  

Sliding Windows Are Equipped with Secure Locks 

Finally, sliding windows are equipped with really strong, secure locks. When your sliding glass window is shut, no one is going to be able to force the window open from the outside. The lock will secure the window to the frame, creating a secure seal so you never have to worry about someone on the outside of your home forcing the window open. Your windows will be securely sealed when you install sliding windows.  

When it comes to installing new windows in your home, sliding windows are a great choice. They have an elegant and clean look that makes it easy to enjoy the view. They provide great ventilation. You can purchase sliding windows in a variety of configurations and sizes. Plus, sliding windows are equipped with very secure locks that will keep your home safe. Talk to your window contractor about window options such as Andersen windows.