3 Reasons To Choose A Vinyl Window

27 April 2019
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When choosing what type of window to go in your home when you upgrade your current windows, one of the most popular type of windows are vinyl windows. Vinyl windows have almost become the default standard when it comes to replacement windows; however, that doesn't mean that one should not closely look at the benefits of vinyl windows to see if they are the right choice for your home.

#1 Airtight Window Design

If you put your hand around the frame of an older window, you may be able to feel a slight draft around the window, where air from the outside is able to seep into your home. This draft may seem harmless, but all that air can have a negative impact on the energy efficiency of your home, making it tougher than necessary to heat and cool your home.

Vinyl windows are designed to be airtight when installed correctly. That means air should not seep around the windows, which means the negative impact on your heating and cooling efforts is minimize with a vinyl window.

#2 Change-Resistant Materials

One of the most popular materials for older windows was wood. Although wood is a very sturdy material, over time, it can warp due to changes in temperature. A wood frame may warp and change sizes throughout the year. This contributes to drafts around the window, and over time, can compromise the structural integrity of the window frame.

Vinyl does not experience warping like wood. No matter the temperature outside, the vinyl frame's shape will not change, and you will not experience an uptick in drafts nor will you experience a downgrade in the quality of your window frame.

#3 Easy to Clean

With wood windows, you can't just clean the window. You need to make sure the wood is well-sealed, which means applying sealant to the window every few years. Even if the wood is sealed, you still should only use cleaner designed specifically for wood on the window frame.

Vinyl does not have these same restrictions. You don't need to seal the vinyl; it stays protected on its one. You can use any regular household cleaner to clean your vinyl. Simply spray the cleaning solution on and wipe it off to remove build-up dust and dirt.

Vinyl windows have become the standard because they help cut down on heating and cooling costs by eliminating drafts around windows. The frame doesn't change shape over time, which increases the strength of your window. Vinyl windows are also easy to clean. If these are things that matter to you, vinyl windows may be the right choice for you. For more information, contact a vinyl window supplier near you.