Plantation Shutters: Important Reasons To Use Them On Your Shutter-Worthy Sliding Doors

21 July 2018
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Homeowners who have purchased an existing home often find themselves living with an architectural or design feature they do not really love. This often occurs because renovating the home to do away with the feature would be too costly or time-consuming. For many homeowners, sliding doors are one of the features that fit into this category. Although they would prefer a different type of door, they instead opt to just look for a way to make their existing sliders fit in better with their home's decor. If you are one of the homeowners searching for an answer to make your existing sliding glass doors more appealing, the following information can help. 

Plantation shutters are a welcome alternative to vertical blinds 

Vertical blinds were once a popular method of camouflaging sliding glass doors. Unfortunately, they do not hold up well in homes where the sliding glass doors are used frequently, such as when the sliders open onto a back deck or into the back yard. And if there are pets in the home, vertical blinds can become unsightly even more quickly.

By opting to replace vertical blinds with bi-fold plantation shutters, homeowners can do away with concerns about missing or mangled vertical blind slats and enjoy a more attractive, longer lasting coverage option for their home's sliding doors. 

Plantation blinds do away with fabric shades and drapes

Whether it is due to allergy issues or just a desire for a cleaner, simpler look, many homeowners are doing away with fabric shades and window coverings that must be cleaned and rehung often. Instead they are opting to use surfaces and finishes that do not require require laundering or dry cleaning for maintenance. Plantation shutters fit perfectly in homes where fabric usage is being reduced for these reasons, yet privacy and protection from excessive sunlight is still desired.

Most bi-fold plantation shutters are constructed from long-lasting poly-resin material. This material has long been used in outdoor furnishings and is well-known for its ability to resist fading and degrading through years of use and exposure to sun and weather. 

Additional reasons to consider using plantation shutters to cover your home's sliding glass doors is their insulation value and their low maintenance requirements. 

To learn more about plantation shutters for sliding glass doors, homeowners should contact a reputable window supplier or installer in their area. These experts will be able to help homeowners understand the benefits and decide if they are the right choice for their sliding glass door problem.