4 Advantages Of Glass Block For Replacement Windows

23 September 2015
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As you think about styles for your home window replacement project, consider the advantages of block glass. These windows are particularly suitable in certain parts of the house. 

Advantages of Block Glass


If you choose wavy or patterned block glass windows, it's difficult to see through them. That maintains your privacy while still letting in lots of natural light. In fact, if the existing window frames are removed, even more light becomes available.

The privacy factor makes this glass style especially advantageous for bathrooms. It's also perfect if you spend time in a room with windows facing a busy street or sidewalk and don't want people to see inside. 

In a bathroom, you can coordinate the windows with the shower or standalone tub area and have glass block walls for privacy there as well. This creates a dramatic effect that is beautiful as well as functional.


These windows are very secure, making them a deterrent to burglars. They are thick, sturdy, and not easily broken. In addition, the windows are sealed along the sides with mortar. If you worry about any part of your home being more vulnerable to a break-in, such as windows at the back that aren't in view of any neighbors, that's a good place for glass block products. 

Basement Waterproofing

If your basement windows have a tendency to leak during heavy rain, block windows will solve that problem because of the mortar sealing. Keep in mind that if your basement has -- or will someday have -- living space, you will need egress windows as mandated by your local building codes.

Energy Efficiency

The blocks typically used in residential settings consist of two pieces of glass fused together with a partial vacuum inside that acts as insulation. Solid glass blocks also are available. Either way, the windows are more energy-efficient than single-pane windows are. The airtight seal also adds to the efficiency.

If you're concerned about heat loss during cold weather or heat gain during hot weather, look for glass block categorized as low-emissive, commonly called low-E. This glass has a reflective coating that makes it more energy efficient. 

What You Can Do Now

Contact contractors who do window installation and obtain estimates on replacing certain windows with block glass ones. A variety of patterns, shapes and even colors are available. Vented designs also can be installed if you want air flow in that window area.

For more information, contact Morgan Exteriors Inc. or a similar company.