Stylish And Functional Shutter Ideas For Your Home

12 May 2015
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Exterior shutters add welcoming curb appeal to your home and can also function as privacy screens. Interior plantation shutters diffuse the sunlight and also give your rooms a finished appearance. Add shutters to your home for both style and function.

Exterior Shutters

Most modern exterior shutters are for decorative purposes only. However, that factor shouldn't be ignored. According to Better Homes and Gardens, trim such as shutters add beauty to your home, which increases the value. However, for bedrooms and bathrooms, consider making the shutters functional so they can add privacy.

Living Room Style

Interior plantation shutters were initially created as a method for screening sunlight while still allowing natural light in. The louvers are wide and moveable, making them ideal for your living room. One option is having just partial shutters installed on the lower half of the windows. This protects your furniture from the sunlight while still allowing your room to be light and airy.

Bathroom Sunlight

Speaking of letting the light in, the bathroom is one of those funny areas where you want both privacy and natural light. For this space consider double-hung or plantation shutters designed with a divider rail. These shutters hinge directly to the window pane. However, being split horizontally, the shutters let you open them halfway while maintaining your privacy.

Garden Room Entrance

Garden rooms feature lots of windows and often open up to the outdoors. For such a space, bi-fold plantation shutters are a useful choice. Bi-fold shutters can be any height, so you can have them installed over sliding glass doors. Adjust the louvers to filter the sunlight during the hottest part of the day, and push the shutters wide when you want access to the outside.

Breakfast Nook Ambience

Breakfast nooks are usually located in a bump out or bay window space. Just like with a garden room, a central feature of breakfast nooks are windows. The plantation shutters likely don't need to open in your nook so much as keep the sun from making the space uncomfortably hot. Since you still want to promote an airy ambience in the space, consider white or other light-colored plantation shutters.

Room with a View

Quite often windows are placed to emphasize the view. No matter the room, you want to maintain that panorama while adding privacy and sun control. For those windows, consider plantation shutters with extra-wide louvers. Wide-louver shutters don't take up more visual space when closed, but when open they allow full enjoyment of the view.

Shutters, whether exterior or interior, not only control the light and add privacy, they can make your home more energy efficient. Choose the shutters that best complement your home for both style and function. For more information, contact a business such as Blinds & Shutters Direct.